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They look like fiery Turds
Kind of inconvenient they aren’t in unlimited supply.
they are literally unlimited in many ways
Since you can farm it pretty easily, yes, they are unlimited.
Lothric knights drop them a lot. Other than that, they're as limited as the number of players who are willing to summon you to help for boss fights. So, essentially unlimited. One of my characters has over 150 Embers, and I'm sure that's nothing compared to what some players have. If you think you can't co-op bosses because you're not "gud" enough, forget all that. I'm nothing special at the game, I really suck at PvP, but I do well at co-op. There's been fights where I'm clearly better than the host and I've got to draw aggro from the boss just to keep them alive. Then there's fights where the host is clearly better than me but summoned me to do me a solid, I guess. Point is, pick your favorite boss, look up the optimal level and equipment upgrades for other people to summon you, and have at it.
You win one from killing a host, you can also win one from helping a host, you even win one from beating a boss if that does not sound like unlimited supply then I don’t know what is
this needs to be updated as there isnt included DLC amounts
I like to pop these when HP is very low, to maximize their use as a healing item. A couple of times that I have done this, I thought I had an opening before the boss strikes again, only they hit me before my health gets restored, but I still get the"ember restored" message, which I'm pretty sure means that an ember was used up from my inventory. "Feature", or a bug?
Feature. If an enemy over-damages a player prior to the health being restored, then they are dead, simply put. The fact that the regen isn't instantaneous is the it affects the game is up to each individual's actions.
Tldr: get gud
Saying "git gud" unironically in 2020 is so 2017.
I hate when people try to have a fair 1v1 with you when they are embered, my man, you have +30% HP, this is not fair, if you are going to touch my red sign to have a Fair and Honorable Duel, don't be embered, Yes, you can use red signs if you are not embered, you just can't be invaded or summon friends.
same could be said to your dumb *** XD ember befor placing ur red and u keep the HP
imagine being this dumb
Use whatever means you can to achieve victory.
Why the **** are you putting down signs while unembered? You're the one who's issuing the challenge with the sign, if you aren't prepared for the fight, that's on you.
you keep your bonus +30% hp if you put down the sign while embered
To people talking about not having unlimited supply: Either farm enemies that can drop them, or do some online play. They are supposed to be a reward, not handed to you on a silver platter when you want. I don't know what else to say.
They also are really common tems, and you can buy a lot from npcs.
these vs humanity. which ones better lads? humanity's are far more rare than these(in offline mode that is), they restore HP, reverse hollowing, enable summons and invasions, and can be used to gain more estus, embers on the other hand, just do one of those things and gives you 300 more HP, i'd say humanity is the better one because that 300 HP can be outclassed by the great ring of favor and protection
They're functionally identical. The extra HP from the Ember is pretty much the same as the lost HP from dying in Demon's and DkS2, the only difference is bonfires could be kindled in 1 (which I don't think should factor into comparing their effects, kindling was unique to 1 after all), and embers are treated as a buff as opposed to humanity being treated like a recovery.
3 knights outside dancer... Get your item discovery u******ot... I get about 10 per 10 runs... Skip the knight to far away... Been doing it since I got to them before boreal ony pyro.. I stay embered.. so it's a must like say after Gael smacked me around or I cliff fall to often
Man never feels alone with fire. The flame can keep company - this is where the basic connection between flame and soul lies.
Add "Regenerates HP to full upon usage"
Or, you know, do it yourself, which would take about as long as it would to post this comment. JFC.