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Sekiro's Divine Dragon wielded a branched sword kind of similar to this. It was a take off of the seven branched sword from Korea, but it's really similar. The only difference is the seven branch had staggered branches and these are evenly parallel.
JoJo references all over the shop.

You'll make one of them, sooner or later


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Reminds me of the NES game titled 'Demon Sword.' Also, was in 'Demon's Souls..." hmmmmm, HMMMMM
When you accidentally give the ashes to the handmaiden....
Love glass cannon builds
Im sorry but "the damage you would have done at the end is multiplied by 0.94, losing 6%" - ??? If for PVE its 20% and for PVP its 0,94*20 then it's 18,8% which is almost just as high as for PVE. Also why not write percentages for PVE and PVP instead of writing math equations?


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The total damage is multiplied by 0.94, losing 6% of the damage. For some reason you are multiplying it with the buff. The result should have also been an indication since 1.2 is 6% of 20 and the result was 18.8%. You need to work on that math my friend.


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i do not comprehend this
Mori Mori Moriooooon
Is there any possibility to get both Morion Blade and Manikin Claws without killing Orbeck or just waiting his "naturally" death at his quest end?
1-Complete que questline of Yoel.
2- Angry Yuria.
3- Get the manikin claws.
4- Pay for your sins.
5- Hang on Orbeck 'natural' death and trade his ashes to get Morion Blade.
Thank you very very much!