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If you think this is a hard boss congrats you're a certified scrub.
All I got is: 2fast2furious: ariandel drift
This is a lazy boss fight. It can still be enjoyable and all of that good stuff but it’s part of an extra cost package which adds more insult to injury. The beginning is a standard uninteresting gank with an npc and basic mobs which transitions to a fight with a large wolf who’s about as difficult as Sif but that fights emotional twist at the end was enough to make it memorable and seen as that wouldn’t have worked with the gravetender wolf it doesn’t have anything going for it other than a decent moderately difficult fight. It’s just there, you go and defeat it then you move on and forget about it easily. On the other hand FS put an unmatched amount of effort into the fight with Friede and even if you end up disliking it it’s a fight you’ll never forget.
Found that GCFO worked better for me than CBVs. It spreads out enough to get the wolves, and Gravetender will stand in the lava. Once the big wolf comes, he basically just stands there. Hit the wolf a couple of times in the face with GCFOs, then used Toxic Mist and ran around the pillar. Once he went red eye, I switched up to my shield and rolled around the pillar. Next thing I knew he was dead from the poison.