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Alternate title for Dark Souls 3: Bloodborne 2
Dark Souls 3 design is DS1 + BB

but slower than BB and doesn't have it's mechanics
Try out Cinders Mod if you can! Shows what DS3 could have been and will make you fall in love with the game a second time.
cant you get banned from installing mods tho? thats always been a question for me
you only get banned if you do it online
if you: get offline, install mods, play game, uninstall any mods you have, go online
than it's not possible to get banned
Don't forget to try The Convergence mod!
why is still people saying ds1 bosses are harder than the ones here, literally the only challenging things in the first game are O/S and probably Artorias, while friede,gael,sulyvahn,midir,princes,demon prince,demons,NK all of them killed me around 15+ times
people probably say this because dark souls 1 had ******* rolling mechanics wich made most bosses harder and also there is bed of chaos but in dark souls 3 most mechanics are really well made and it's easier to get used to dark souls 3 instead of 1/remastered
how to dodge dancers slam attack in phase 1? its so delayed it always catches me
Dodge back
dark souls 3, git gud edition
يشقن سخعمس 2 هس لاثففثق فاشى يشقن سخعمس 3
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