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Poor guy can't even hit.


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Certainly not the most honorable strategy, but the Storyteller's Staff strategy definitely does make for an effective way to kill this boss. 2 applications is enough to kill him, provided you have no summons to boost his health. Though you could get away with just 1 application as a Pyromancer if you did the smart thing with Wolnir's soul and picked up Black Serpent, which gets you a a damage source Old Demon King is weak to.
90.000 souls for killing ODK (NG+6)
Just hit him in the balls!
I had a lot of fun fighting this boy! Not super challenging but he has some crazy AOE that caught me off guard and killed me a couple times. Demon fights are usually boring but this adds just enough variety to be a good time.
you are weird
I killed him quickly and threw a boss soul on his death spot I didn't need at all as thanks for killing the Taurus demons the ds1 and the boss was easy but super irritating constantly hitting me off the ledge.
Nobody cares about the boss we are here for the Chaos Bed Vestiges pyromancy
im gunna do a stupid lore theory. so in ds1 the demons are all made of actual flesh and stuff but in this game there all wood what else is wood bed of chaos so like what if when the flame was dying it essentially tore apart the bed of chaos for more material to make demons
You can poison him it goes very slow though