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The covenant of r1 warriors
is there anyone give this ring to me? My last achievement im still %97
Can I have it too after?? It's my last achievement as well ! gewkim
I let a normal invader kill me like I usually do (since I usually get invaded as soon as I join an area, and PvP ain't my specialty) and as I died I got a notification popup that a Watchdog was invading me. Not sure what triggered the late invasion from him.
This covenant can be pretty fun at the level 30 range. High level Dark Souls PvP is fairly regulated - everyone has similar health, about the same stamina, and then a soft cap in one or two different attack-centric stats. Low level PvP is much different, with 'vigor' builds that soft-cap on health while using only simple starting weapons, and nobody uses nearly as many Weapon Arts (let alone the ones that decimate health bars). Most gank squads with a couple phantoms, the summons have only triple-digit health, if they even pass the 800 mark.

It's a completely different environment where rookies and vets mix together using much more basic equipment, and where fundamentals like zoning and positioning are used to overcome ganks rather than getting a good weapon arts combo. Just beware the twinks -- it's definitely possible for someone to come in with only a +3 weapon, but a +5 Estus Flask for some intense chugging.
Yeah, the problem is the gank squads have set in with the health and defense only host tanking your shots while the twinked out, heavy infused builds 3 shot you after you've landed 8 blows on the inept host.
Farming in keep ruins intensifies...just kill me already
That ring aged poorly as a rank 2 reward after the nerf it got. But then again, I never agreed with creating a higher tier of an item that's essentially a one-per character deal. It quickly devalues the item once you go to the next NG cycle. And even if you don't, you now got access to the highest tier via DLC. Plus it's just odd that only one ring out of the four of Gwyn's Knights has higher tiers.
Can anyone please help me with 20 bloodgrass? I've been farming for 6 hours with coins, avarice, and rings, and only have 10... PSN WolfWoodring.
It is pretty fast at hidden ruins. I got 25 in a couple hours. Using a avarice and ring.
Best spot to farm Wolf's Blood Swordgrass (and pale tongues, both of which you'll need if you want the All Rings and All Spells achievements)? Outside Farron Keep perimeter bonfire. But *how* to run the loop? One way which speeds up the loop, kills more Ghru, and makes things easier: after exiting FKP bonfire, stay right. Youll find a sleeping Elder Ghru - kill it: a one or two hit weapon is actually faster than a backstab, but to each their own. Proceed forward on the right until the Poison Ghru pops out. Kill him too - the others shouldn't spot you. Go to the top of the little hill the Poison Ghru was in front of and take out the Shield Ghru. Over in the corner, between the wall of the Abyss Watcher's arena and the rocks, is another Poison Ghru. Kill him too. Now, if aiming just for Sword Grass, go to the entrance of the Abyss Watcher's arena and take out the two sleeping shield/spear Ghru - they should wake up one-at-a-time if you start with the one closest to you. If you leave them alive, there's actually a fairly decent chance they kill the Darkwraiths and survive. Speaking of darkwraiths - by the time you finish off the shield Ghru, they should be mopping up the crowd of Ghru you bypassed earlier. If you want to avoid a fight, simply go back the way you came and (while you're doing that) the Darkwraiths should keep wandering, leaving the dead Ghru (and their $w33t L00t) for you to pick over.
People in this covenant are irritating. I’ve been hanged up on so many times from all kinds of invaders. When I’m yanked to defend the forest and I’m getting overwhelmed by my opponent, half the time the other watchdog doesn’t help or take over.