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I've been on this site for a bit now, and many other pages seem so well kept and moderated. And with all do respect to fan theories, can someone please clean up this page? It seems too opinionated.
I agree. All these opinions sound like hate speech to me.
I figure the "real use" of the pendant is purely for worldbuilding, and in fact is explained by Manus' own Broken Pendant. While the Broken Pendant serves a mechanical purpose, it's described as having some secret power that can't be tapped by the people of the presenr, apparently derived purely from "nostalgia." To Manus, the pendant is all important, though it would appear his power isn't derived from the pendant itself, but rather it awakens his own latent potential. When it was stolen away from him, his power was unleashed in a fit of rage. After all, it was all he had, and didn't hold any true value for civilization as a whole, so why should anyone take it from him?

"Sentimentality" and "nostalgia" go hand-in-hand, so if anything, the pendant could merely be a purposeless treasure that the Undead who carry it feel the desire to protect with their entire being. It's a very *human* reaction, to want to protect simple trinkets of little worth, if only to remind us of happier memories. That certainly ties in with Dark Souls' characterization of humanity and darkness as "foolish."



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It's Manus lost pendant oh chit
all these haters but they’re still here
Loved reading all that almost felt like I was an adventurer reading a journal
Honestly, I feel like choosing the pendant as a starting gift is one of the most human things to do, since we compared to all other creatures are fond and sentimental of our memories and relationships. I like to think that the pendant is just the devs' one of many ways of emphasizing the importance of our "humanity," that a simple pendant can be worth your time.
I very much like this idea, and is indeed why I chose it whenever i started my current character. Also, as someone whos completed all Souls games and delved deep into the lore, this is the first time i have ever seen a comment that has been posted on the very same day i am viewing it on the Dark Souls Wiki lol.