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if you're struggling with the laser barrage, the tell is that he'll either fly backwards twice or fly backwards once after casting the humanity orbs. run towards him and stick to his left leg, and you'll be completely safe. if you find yourself unable to close the gap fast enough though, here's a way i've found to dodge all his lasers at range without rolling.
Defeating Yhorm without the storm ruler is easier than defeating this mother****er
Defeating Yhorm without Storm Ruler really wasn't that hard. Just time consuming
Shoutout to Hajime, dude just hard carried me through this fight a few minutes ago. Thanks man, I never even made it to the 2nd phase till I summoned you.
wow given up so easily
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This guy is yet another example as to why I always go for fastroll instead of armor defense in DS3. Besides, getting caught in his combos is typically a death sentence no matter what.
It's a end game boss what do you expect scrub
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Literally the last thing I need to do before NG+ and I flat out can't beat him. Solid boss fight.
Midir is a pretty tough fight. I find going for the head and not locking on is a good way to fight him, because going for other body parts forces him to use annoying attacks, and going for the head does a lot more damage anyway. Otherwise, he has a ton of health, so it's an endurance fight. Dodging away from his attacks is also a lot safer then dodging through. Just don't give up! You can do it!
Midir spins so often for me and my friend, it's 90% of my deaths.
Then again I have to get right under/behind since I'm using Pestilent Mist on him
But there was one round where Midir was just non-stop spinning for no reason



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beyblade beyblade let it rip
Parriable: No

HOW COULD THIS BE????????????
wait you're telling me, that a dragon that's 500x my size, can't be parried with my bare hands? THIS IS MADNESS
If you're playing a pureblood caster you should go for the summon imo. She locks him in place quite good for pestilent mist, and you can get 2-3 headshots in yourself before he shifts his aggro or sweeps
or just get the stats to use a broadsword or something and then just put crystal weapon on it. because by the time you get to midir your int should be at 60 so why not
Sharp Sellsword Twinblades with gold pine resin makes short work of Midir. I always respec to a dex build just for this boss, then switch back to my old build lol. Midir is a pain with slow weapons. L1 to win
I used a Dragonslayer Greataxe against him, it did a lot of damage, but GOOD GRIEF, I needed to use tears and great heal a ton cause I ran out of estus
what were ur stats when u did this?