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This probably the most disappointing spell of all. Magic adjust can't be increased leaving no scaling and a forgotten form of combat. Your only choice is enchanted modification on your weapon leaving physical damage in the dust. If you go magic it still reduces physical stat bonus decreases. Astoria strait sword is bs giving C bonus across the board except int. Where is the dex/int build weapons? Does int not have a big place in the story for the supporting weapons?
'Magic adjust can't be increased'... umm... what? your Magic Adjust increases on Catalysts with Inteligence, Magic Adjust scales with Inteligence... This also applies the same for Talismans, Faith increases the Magic Adjust of Talismans. There are some Catalysts/Talismans that dont have any scaling, but generally speaking; they do scale


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I have to whole-heartedly disagree. This spell is great. 15 INT requirement for a free 198 magic damage with the Oolacile Catalysts? 3 casts? Still have all your weapon scaling? Win-win-win. Mag-Adjust does go up if you have any INT level of substance (27+). Nearly 200 extra damage at only 15 INT is insane; I don't understand your complaint.
Velka's rapier scales c with dex and b with int,
Yeah just buy the Olocile Catalyst from Dusk, get your int to 12 to wield it and the magic adjust is at 180 for such a good catalyst. So you get 1.1x added to your weapon.
simple buff use with oolacile catalyst and 15 int for great results
Is this strictly a damage buff? Or could it deal less damage overall against enemies with high magic resist?
Don't quote me but im pretty sure this adds magic damage on top of the already existing physical damage