This guy tore me a new one in places where there aren't places. High stance spear on his head then circlestrafe for the win.


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I found it easier to not hit the small snakes at all and pretty much only attack him when he puts his snake arms in the ground. Killing the snake arms just takes this option away. In the dark realm the little snakes suck but if you dont attack at all and just run the perimeter until he goes back until the light realm you can start over attacking him when he puts his arms back in the ground. After half health is gone you can spam the Brute LIGHT attack after transforming if you have it and finish him off. Transform when hes up against a wall and you can repeat smack him on the ropes Rocky style. I thin this is Team Ninjas idea that you can take half his health after transforming thats why he has such a large health bar. Did the same with the Brute Light attack against Enenra. Only way I beat them both with my crap gaming skills.
If your current weapon doesn't work, try Odachi for this boss, good reach and can take out the side-snakes pretty quickly in between its attacks.
Either that thing has too many HP or I don't do enough damages but it's not normal after several minutes hitting that snake he barely lost half of his bar.
I'm gonna stay stuck on this for hours I f*cking swear...
Welcome to the game.
What finally did it for me was just relaxing and being patient. I stayed at mid to long range whenever possible and whenever he shoved his snake arms in the ground I ran up and attacked his armpit from the rear so I'd hit his arm and head at the same time, generally alternating sides. Just one swing, VERY occasionally two. Then I ran the hell away ASAP and waiting for his next arms-in-ground maneuver and repeated. Most of his other attacks are highly telegraphed and easy to dodge or block provided you keep plenty of distance.

Once he went to the yokai realm I just locked on, kept my distance, and slowly walked around the outside of the arena. Any other arm snakes I just ignored and they basically ignored me as well. I didn't even try to attack either the snake or the boss.

Repeated this about 8 times or so and that did the trick. Was it cowardly? Yes. Was it boring? Oh GOD yes. But most importantly: am I wearing snakeskin boots right now? YUP
It's not pronounced Yaht-soo
It's pronounced yah-(very light t sound)soo
The tsu character in Japanese is it's own syllable
Some bosses just can't be fought fairly. Run around a lot, hit once or twice with a quick weapon, block the tail sweep, yokia shift when its health is 20% and its an easy win.
i beat this boss 1st try but acouple things i did that may help:
bait the snakes in ground move or his burstable moves
use a large weapon or anything that can do a ton of damage with one high heavy
don't be afraid to wait out the boss he'll only reapeat the same moves,
run around the arena and don't stop
only hit 1 or twice, depending on the speed of the weapon
with that i did not use a buff or anything other than elixers and phantom shift
This was the hardest boss for me in the game by far. It's ridiculously overpowered and unfair at such early stage of the game. After killing it I literally breezed through the whole game, dying once or twice to other bosses