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PSA for people looking for a challenge. According to the page on Attack Power, the 1st soft cap is at AP14, which is when you start getting diminishing returns on how much damage you deal. So that means if you limit yourself to AP14 at NG+7, which is the max difficulty, the game will only be twice as difficult in terms of deflecting and VIT damage.
Yup. And if you dont limit yourself, the game becomes easier in NG+ than a first playthrough...
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what happens if o miss the headless in my first playthrough
Kill them in the second. Since they are considered mini-bosses, they will usually drop coin bags upon a second defeat, or their respective main reward if it's the first.
you miss the spiritfalls, no big deal. killed them all today
does the ng+ effect the difficulty in the gauntlets?
I'm about 90% sure the answer is yes
I'm about 90% sure the answer is no
I’m about 99% sure the answer is yes
You can't keep increasing your vitality, so if it keeps scaling up damage I imagine by the final NG+ just about everything would be an instant kill which would kind of ruin the game.
No, not at all. After the first NG+ cycle, it’s a very small increase.
Well enemy health and damage maxes out at NG +7 so
i imagine youd have to be well passed NG+10 for this since the game stops scaling at 7, and it would take a little while to hit that level of power