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It seems the questline ends for me i defeated all before talking to him well ng+ for slab :(
Way better npc than solaire
Less helpful, more lovable, better story in my opinion, tho just like solaire he has a somewhat convaluted/difficult questline that could end in his death, because their questlines are so similar I still think you should be able to summon both at Gwyn because that would be epic, maybe instead you could summon seiglinda to "fulfill the debt" seigemeir racked up to us over the course of the run, idk seems like a better ending than "hey I'm gonna be here hovering over a dead body forever, see ya and good luck!"
Dark Souls: Remastered: Remastered needs to implement a new mechanism for kissing Siegmeyer on the mouth
They failed this time, but eventually ds3 remastered is coming, we can only pray
The dark hand practically does this
I accidentally fell on him in lost izalith and he’s mad can I request absolution
Yes just talk to the guy after belfry gargoyles
This guy blows I put all the chaos eater 1 hit away from death with arrows and he instantly melted as soon as he jumped in
So a few things I noticed in Ash Lake. I managed to peek inside their helmets:

1: Siegmeyer wasn't hollow. He still looked human. Not only that, his eyes are blinking.
2: Sieglinde is smiling.

Now this may have just been limitations or cutbacks in the design, you can't really see their faces anyway with the helmets the way they are. However, I like to think there's a deeper plot afoot. Maybe Seiglinde wanted to kill her father for some reason, and it's not the first time she has. She openly says that if he goes hollow, she'll have to kill him *again*. Now maybe Seigmeyer was somehow aware that she wanted to finish him off and in a battle with her he managed to fake his death in order to stop her from following him. Maybe the stories she tells us of how he keeps adventuring and disappearing aren't quite true. Maybe she wanted to find him because she intended to end him from the start All the areas he shows up in are quite perilous to get to, possibly proving he may be trying to escape her. He's going places she'd be more hesitant to search. Maybe she's not actually his daughter at all and she's an assassin that dons the disguise of a Catarina knight in order to fool others into leading her close to him.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm just pulling this idea out of my backside.
As great as this is it’s unfortunately just not the case as the blinking of dead npcs is a recurring thing in the series and happens with Arianna in Bloodborne and Gotthard in DS3. This is just FromSoftware taking shortcuts in the development. They DO put a lot of detail into these games but they’re not above issues like this at all and it’s a shame because it leads to well thought out theories like this which are just wrong but at least you can manipulate the game in your head canon this way which i do think is really cool.
you have to remember that in the original game, it was impossible to see trough their helmets, the rendering resolution just wasnt enough for it. So probably the dev didnt care in doing face animations or even changing the hollowing state.
This explanation is ****! You need to specify that you will not get the slab if doing option 2! You ****tards.
It says that he dies and the quest ends. Why would you think you would get the slab?
Everyone's complaining about how trash his Fighting skills are,.but nobody's talking about how impressive it is that an onion learned how the wield an ultragreatsword! Go onion power!
If all the chaos eaters die (they accidentally fell off the hole in the swamp), can i reload the area? On previous playthroughs where i don't follow the questline i always saw at least 1 chaos eater after all of them die
I used the dark hand to give Sieg a bro hug (of sorts) before both of us jumped into the pit because i didn’t clear any of them out prior and I didn’t know what the outcome would be. After a solid battle he unfortunately lost too much health and perished afterwards but at least it wasn’t during the fight itself. What a guy RIP