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I think if we Drawing out True Strength and kill Yuria we get all items not before
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If yuria spawns, this ash will not exist because she has it and sells yoels stuff
Evidence that the Untended Graves is a possible future. Not only do the ashes appear in the same spot that Yoel dies, but only drops in accordance to actions taken or not taken in the present. Gundyr is an undead and many of us undead have a habit of coming back after being killed. Ludleth talking about the eyes in the past sense is because the eyes discovered belonged to the First Fire Keeper, whom he likely met the last time he was a Lord of Cinder. The eyes themselves seem to have transformed into an artifact that never dies or breaks and can be used by any Fire Keeper. So Ludleth could have also be referring to another Fire Keeper that found and used the eyes to describe the betrayal in detail to Ludleth. The only anomaly is the Shrine Maiden. But simply being there, alive and in good physical and mental health implies that she’s no ordinary undead of whom the concept of time probably has no power over her.
All my paragraph breaks were ignored. Bleh. It’s not that long anyways.
If you speak to the shrine maiden at the untend graves before you speaking to her in the firelink shrine, she will recoginze you at firelink, implying that the untend graves are in the past
Pretty sure Gundyr's souls mentions him being defeated by the player and then embedding the coiled sword within himself to judge the next ashen one (Iudex meaning judge), which also happens to be you. The shrine handmaiden in firelink will also recognize you if you speak to the untended graves handmaid.
Time is convoluted in all the three games, if you haven't noticed.
I think that there are 2 handmaidens, and that both are somehow immortal, that is why she sells you stuff for souls, to prolong her lifetime i suppose
I never knew!!!! I thought there was no way to buy these poison knives after NG+ because I wanted to stay at SL100 :'( And i played thousands of hours!
"Also spawns if Yuria's services become unavailable to the player in any way" Not true. If you kill Soul of Cinder and get the lord of hollows ending Yuria disappears without these ashes spawning.
Fromsoft might genuinely be dumb since literally the only people this is of use to is people trying to get this ending. *****ing unbelievable.
So if I got the lord of hollows ending , Yuria will disappear and the hollow ashes will too?
In the latest patch (don't know if this has always been the case), I discovered that if you never talk to Yoel but simply progress through the game, the Hollow's Ashes will initially not be in the Untended Graves. You will have to go to him at the Foot of the High Wall where you would normally meet him for the first time. He will be dead as expected. After that, you can pick up the Hollow's Ashes in the Untended Graves.
Killing yuria at any point gives these ashes from her corpse as well... Surprised I don't see it on here
No. It gives Yuria's Ashes.