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Dragon Torso Stone+ This Ring + Ultra Greatsword = Impossible Mode
By far the best ring in the game, only people mad at it are casuls who are jealous they can't get this bit of pure magic finger fuel
This ring doesn't go on your finger.
Get the +3 version it gives you -500 damage absorption. Iudex Gundyr 1 shots you at full health
This is like the demons bell in sekiro, except with zero f***ing benefit.
If anyone can edit, it also does not affect Bloodlust (nikana) weapon art 's self-damage, not sure of chaos blade and mimic helmet
One of the best rings by a long shot if your not using this in your build then your not doing it right. the ring makes you take twice as much damage but put out twice as much damage glass cannon style.
don't believe me test it out in pvp total life changer!
You sound like Patches.. "It'll change your life..! :)))"
It wouldn't make much sense, but imagine if equipping this made your eyes glow white like those ninja skeletons. Would be like saying to other players "i'm your god, scrub".

Now, if skull ring gave you red glowing eyes, it would stack with this to become the ultimate memebringer.
Arrogant idiot


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lmao how did someone get mad at this
Occupies a ring slot, weighs 0.8, makes the user take double damage. Yeah, this is THE god tier ring we didn't deserve.
If you can use this ring and still dominate pvp and pve, you are God-tier. You can have your absorption back when you have proven that you do not need it.
Does this stack with Carthus Bloodring and Prisoner's Chain?
put calamity ring plus the fire,magic,lightning clutch ring on and you can die from the simplest hits hell even bornfires in the swamp can one hit you i love it