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Lightning infused weapons NOT scaling with faith is the most idiotic thing ever. Wtf was Miyazaki thinking? Oh that's right, he wasn't. What a load of sh*t. Why would weapons that have innate lightning damage scale with faith (like Ornstein's spear and the Giant's Halberd) but not weapons that are infused with lightning? That's really cheap and ruins roleplaying as a faith build. Not everyone wants to go down the divine path for their faith build but they DO want an infusion.
the weapons you listed are used by those that serve the gods, of course they scale with faith. your random lightning weapon has nothing to do with the gods. quit your crying.
Calm down mate
Git Gud Kid
Aww dont cry
I like how only one of these answers is almost a legitimate reason and the rest are just the dark souls community being jackasses as per usual. Lightning doesn't scale with faith because they already have stupidly high base damage and there was already a faith scaling upgrade path.
they do right. lightning ascended weapon already have an outrageous damage output add to those a faith scaling sound ridicolous
Dude I cant hear you over your crying
Then take the damn lightning infusion for its damage and quit *****ing. You faith will still matter for miracles, and if you use a second divine weapon/shield.
You are probably one of the*****est neckbeards I have ever seen, lmao. REEEEEE WHAT WAS MIYAZAKI THINKING Like you've ever made a video game. Grow the ***** up.
Go back to ds3 you *****ing pleb
There is no god! Sleep tight!
'lightning already has high base damage, so to give it scaling would be ridiculous'... lmao idiot... well obviously if they gave it scaling, then they would reduce its base damage..
I smell a salty *****
1. It's an ascension not an infusion 2. It actually really does make sense since it's the better equivalent of raw like crystal is to quality 3. Either way it would have been balanced so it doesn't matter 4. People like you make people like me(started with bloodborne then ds3 then demon souls then ds1 right now and code vein and nioh not want to come back to these older games communities because retards like you complaining about stuff not always being the same then as it is now is ****ing stupid go back to ds3 and wallow alone plebian while I enjoy my new favorite souls upgrade system with my +5 crystal uchigatana
Most underrated comment in this wiki I've seen. Good job mate
Divine scales magic dmg with faith, lightning is supposed to be for split dmg for raw, and lightning is already op, it requires no levels beyond the basics and has the same total damage as some enhancements at 40 in the main stat, the reason the DSS, GH and other weapons that scale with faith is because they are the weapons of the worshipers of Gwyn, if you want lighting scaling try one of those or lightning spears, there are like 30 weapons that scale lightning with faith, you are telling us you can't find a single one that works with your RP? If so try dark souls 3, because what you really want is an op af faith weapon to go with your faith build and your dad cause faith in ds3 is trash.
So wait does +4 to +5 take 3 chunks or a slab?
+4 to +5 requires a slab. Remember, to make it a lightning weapon in the first place, you've already ascended it to +10. So it makes sense that it would be a slab.
Upgrading from +1 to +2 is only costing me one chuck
yeah i think all upgrade paths are like that cuz the regular path the first two upgrades and all the other ones are like that. Even going from +6 to +7 only takes 2 large titanite shards in total so idk maybe its like that with all paths
Lightening upgraded weapons are fantastic dmg dealing options for a low lv build along with fire/chaos weapons for both PvE and PvP. I love play-throughs limited to sl10 both for the challenge and invasion spectrum later on as a dark wraith so while I'll max out a pyromancer flame as my primary go-to weapon, it's great to have maxed out lightening dagger and small crossbow to mix up my offensive capacity along with having a very potent plan B attack option. Very often in PvP players are resistant to fire and/or magic so quickly switching to a lightening weapon mid battle is often a kick in the balls they just weren't expecting. That, and cheeky poison throwing daggers lol ;)
Tried to do this with Eagle Shield but it only let me upgrade to +5 and then wouldn’t show up for upgrade to lightning
When it says the damage has no scaling does that refer to the lightning damage or does it remove all scaling?
Yes, it does. Open the upgrade table for any weapon and you'll see no parameter bonus for lightning, fire and chaos upgrades
Sorry I got your question wrong. When a weapon has no scaling, you won't get any parameter bonus for physical nor elemental damage.