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I wished the blue variant could drop from the blue Lothric Knights :(
thiccer than the version the actual knights wear, 0/10, reduce the thicc
Just make your sure really skinny
Hey he is right dont dislike also they should fix shoulders
0/10 needs more thicc
Can you still roll normally with this armor?
Yes. It depends on your equip load stat
I’m actually doing a run with just wearing the lothric knight armor it’s also has a lot of poise and blocks a lot of damage.
Just started DS3 a few days ago (only played an hour or so at a time due to work schedule lol) and finally had a free day to go ham. My start was Knight class (for the purest build experience), and when I encountered the Lothric Knight, I immediately wanted this armour set. So I spent a solid eight hours farming it and levelling up in the meantime.

I'm SL 32 now, with enough Vitality to midroll with full set + shield. Picked Fire Gem as my gift, and am currently rocking a +3 Fire Longsword to go along. Should I work Vitality higher to wield the Claymore, or focus on building strength/vigour for now?
Personally, I would go with Vigor for now, there are rings in game that can increase carry weight to help wield the Claymore (Killing the Stray Demon in Farron Keep will get you Havel`s Ring). Once you get around 30 Vigor, then start on strength.