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I don't understand these creatures. Why are dragon legs still moving without a top half? Did the designers run out of time and just say **** it?
Pretty sure thats exactly what happened, although i think theyre not dragon but rather the bottom half of a T-Rex dinosaur.
Miyazaki actually explained why Lost Izalith sucked so hard--because one of their backers pulled out, taking about three months out of their schedule and a wad of cash out of their budget, and Izalith happened to be the last area they needed to work on. In the end, it just ended up being filled with pointless enemies and demon statues that would be T-posing if their arms weren't fused to their guts, and an end boss that was purely a Super Mario Bros. platformer based entirely upon luck.
The Centipede i killed before i toke his tail to get the lava ring. This tail was moving and attacking. No wonder that the lower parts of dead dragons running around to make all the player happy for 2k souls each. But i wonder were the upper parts of this dead dragons are. Found in Anor Londos dragon head gallery ? :D
I wish we could see what lost izallith would have been if they were able to finish it, is such a horrible feeling not knowing what is lost.
Ignoring lore to flame the game...which you people proclaim to are what is wrong with gaming, period. If I was From, I'd track your IPs, let you buy the next game, and soft-ban just to troll.
Ignoring what ****ing lore? They literally ran out of time and money before the release and had to rush it, just as one of the other anons in this comment thread said.
No doofus, it says right there it's the Bounding Demons of Izalith.
Climb the 2nd tower, tag all of them at once with a bow, thank me later.



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thank you
I can't say thanks, cuz I figured it out from the wiki. But thanks anyway.
They are so passive that I didn't even mind just being there and doing nothing at all
Ironically quick when aggro'd for draggin' a** XD
So none of the games describe Anything about why these abominations are here, and in such massive numbers, the NPC's ignore it entirely, and how do they get there? Who knows or ever knew. As far as I can tell teh Player is the Only one that can gt the Lordvessel, so noone else can warp even if they got there before. thanks game for being so vague. Reminds me of a woman writing everything on sticky notes and shoving them in a Huge bag of sticky notes = Dark Souls Story.
Misogynist neckbeard detected.
You’re the kind of person who skips dialogue in games, aren’t you?
Femmehitler detected.
Coward who hides behind anonymity detected
you literally anwser your own question, the only two characters that get to Lost Izalith (Sigmayer and Solaire), and they have other things to do than contemplate undead, rotten dragon asses. That's the beauty of the game, it doesn't tell you everything straight away and leaves a lot of things up to interpretation. But you couldn't possibly realise that, considering you sound like a neckbeard who thinks that women should be chained up in kicthens, of course you are incapable of higher thought
Look at all the white knights in the comments up above. I bet you all bang 10s every week.
Lmao all the crybaby white knights in the comments. He didnt even say anything relatively misogynistic. God DS has the most garbage fanbase ever I stg.
I think these " Bounding Demons" Are the decayed ends of dragons.seeing how the Witch of Izalith, laid firestorms to the arch trees,killing the arch dragons. So Lost Izalith is actually where ash lake ends. Where the witch and her daughters chose to live. Sorry for the bad grammar
Also, when you are in tomb of the giants, you could see ash lake and demon ruins close to each other, although you can’t see it in ash lake itself for some reason
Nah bro, they be dragon asses
i think these " Bounding Demons" Are FromSoft realizing they have to ship in a week and hitting copy-paste 15 times to finish the area


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Culi di drago!
So if I didn't know better I would say: I'm surrounded by dragon asses!