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Needs more crossbow
When the winged hussars arrived
my polish warrior ancestors be praised!
although this set is really THICC, its weight to obsorbtion ratio is trash. Like bruh, 19 units for a chestpiece when the onionbro armor weighs a unit less and has much better obsorbtion. Even the guantlets and leggings and the helm are way more heavy than onionbro armor.
it's the best set in the game, you gotta take into account dark absorption too, it's the meta.
I don't know what possessed Fromsoft to make this a fat armor. Because this could've been a really, really cool set.
Here here. I played my first character as a paladin, and ended up thinking about him as sort of a holy knight of the Angelic Faith. I was so excited to get this armor, and then... it was fat armor. Ugh. They didn't even have the decency to let us acquire the golden variety. And, to top it all off, Divine Pillars of Light, the perfect miracle for my build, ends up being one of the worst spells in the entire game. Ugh. Such a disappointment. You commented this on my birthday - we are kindred spirits.
this is already a really really cool set :)
coward, it IS a cool set
This is literally the best armor in the game.
Dunno how to explain this but I rolled into the illusory wall and somehow got teleported down to where the ladder leading up to it is?
Lol that just happened to me... I was like wtf
That litteralt just happened to me
Make sure to create a lean muscular character to really get them abs showing and spend 2 hours editing the face, before going full beef jerkey and slapping on that fat armor. Perfection.
this + archdeacon skirt, black bug pellets and sacred oath = anti-chasethebro build
i bully the onion armor players with this.