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Only rings i cant get are npc quest rings, lets say i got bored half way through.
ı need chillbite but i havent got ariendel DLC aiendel is too expensive
If you want this ring and ur playing on ps4 hit me up my nick is: CitrusCobra98
you don't need chillbite for achievement
Just buy and sell some game stop stock
dlc items don't count toward achievements
I need the covenant rings too?
Yes you do, and it's a hell of a grind to farm them offline. You also need the sorceries, miracles and pyromancies from the covenants if you want those achievements.
After seeing this list I'm giving up on getting the platinum, who in the right mind at From Soft though this was a good idea? I'll just get all Pyromancies and that's it, forever stuck at 95% completion, because **** this man, what the hell
I got every single item in the game and got every single achievment in NG+++, no trouble at all, just takes some dedication.

Btw i did everything offline
Are you okay bro? Do you want to talk about it?
Grow some balls its not that hard
For the Bloodbite Ring +1 it should say on the side of the ballista, NOT the front. Idk how the person who wrote this considers it's location the "front" of the ballista.
Because it's the part facing out into the level. When you're in the Smouldering Lake and you look up at it, the ring is right under the part shooting at you. The front.
I finally got the achievement! Despite some directions being confusing I'm thankful that all of this info exists. Now I can just mess around and do really weird, crazy and unique builds.
dark souls 3 (maybe 2 is the same, I don't played much of it) has the most big and confusing platinum journey in the series
You're wrong. There's 126 rings, and you need 117 for the achievement.
do i need the + rings for the achievement or the base ones are enough?
you need all the + versions for the achievement
I got screwed on this trophy years ago. I had all the rings, checked it over a bunch of times and trophy would not pop. So I tried dropping them on ground at shrine so I could pick them back up. They started disappearing because I dropped too many. Turns out that the issue was the base version of the Life Ring. I chose it as a starting gift so it didn't count towards my total ring count. All I needed to do was buy it from the maiden, or drop and pick back up only that ring. I was unbelievably pissed and have been at 97% trophies for 4 years and am not going through that hell again.
Well after doing everything all over again with a new character I finally got the trophy. Its finally over.