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Sure, it does virtually nothing, but I think it primarily acts as a key to the lore itself. It makes sense that it would be the stillborn body of Mergo, and with this knowledge we can surmise that Mergo now exists only in voice--you know, just like Oedon. It also resembles the Blood Dregs, as if this is a failed attempt at producing the "Child of Blood" that Annalise desires, and it could even be the "Holy Medium" discovered by Byrgenwerth. Perhaps what the game means by "the Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness stirs in unsettling motions" is that Yharnam, though her body is dead, still has an attachment to the Dream through her maternal instincts, as if this object itself is what sustained her will. This is why she doesn't fight the Hunter when she's found in Mergo's Loft--she realizes she needs the Hunter to intervene in order to release Mergo from its torment. Doing so finally puts her at rest, at least until the cycle restarts, as evidenced by the way she stops weeping and bows before quietly vanishing.

She probably went through a lot of*****.
Another thought: the Yharnam Stone depicts what appears to be a human child or humanoid child at its center. If it really is the stillborn body of Mergo, this reveals a parallel between Yharnam and Mergo, and Kos and the Orphan of Kos. Out of all the Great Ones, the Orphan of Kos bears the strongest resemblance to a human. Its ivory skin and black eyes are strongly reminiscent of the Pthumerians. Even still, after defeating the Orphan of Kos, we find another entity tethered to the corpse of Kos--a dark, incorporeal wraith-like creature. Like Mergo, it seems the "sweet child of Kos" was split into both a physical embodiment and a "formless" spirit. Kos herself could be a reflection of Queen Yharnam. Perhaps Kos is the progenitor of the Pthumerians, which slowly devolved over time into the Cainhurst nobles, whom later became the treacherous Vilebloods. It's also possible that the "sweet child of Kos" IS Mergo, and that Byrgenwerth, the Healing Church, or the School of Mensis tried at some point to "impregnate" the carcass of Kos with the Yharnam Stone, allowing them to procure the blood of a "formless" Great One. Perhaps this was the ultimate goal of the Healing Church?
A bit disappointed the stone does nothing, but still an awesome achievement none the less. The fight was really cool, reminded me of fighting Adramelech in Castlevania COTM.
I have a feeling that this was at one time a required object for a secret side mission but was never put into effect. That or it unlocked some special gear with the messagers, perhaps even unlocked some hidden lore dialogue with an NPC, like Master Willem for example.
I had the same idea, that they probably meant it to work like a hunters badge or boss soul to get s special weapon
Kinda like that unopened door past the giant swinging the ball and chain, you get all the way down there just discover a door that can never be opened
The door past the giant with the ball and chain is literally just a door that would open to the cleric beast's bridge, though.
Not sure if you already know but people found a cut mini side-quest in the files.
Apparently you were supposed to give the Yharnam stone to the NPC outside of the fishing hamlet (the one that goes "Byrgenwerth... Byrgenwerth..." ) and he'll give you an item, we don't know what Item tho.
I killed the psychotic mother of a Great One and all I got for it is a dead baby.
sounds like something max payne would say
Lol, yeh, sounds like something max payne would say.
What’s this above Max Payne?
If there ever is a sequel to Bloodborne I’d love it if the game somehow could look at your save file or trophy data and have this item show up in your inventory if you got it in the first game. Then have it trigger something special in the sequel.
This is just the pendant. You know. THAT one. Miyazaki doesn't love you.
Miyuzaki does it again.



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Wow. Just wow. Why was sYharnam so easy? This other guy slashed at her with highly upgraded beast claws, while I backstabbed her with +10 Blade of Mercy. She never even touched me. He got hit by one of her AOE's, but got up and healed. He also got caught by her stuns, but when he did, I backstabbed her. In a way, I'm glad it wasn't hard, but kinda disappointed she went down so easily.
You did a boss in co-op. Yet you’re still surprised it was easy?
Why wasn't the boss hard? I'm only level 200...
I want to be cool like this too. Teach me.
Lol because you actually summoned for the Yharnam fight like a fu*king simpleton
Wow. Just wow. Why was my exam so easy? All i had to do was share answers with my friends and we passed, so disappointing that is was this easy lol maybe they should have made the test better
you would've died without your summon, no doubt.
An achievement is cool but no real reward for defeating her.


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Being able to use her weapon and garb would've been more rewarding... seriously, this should've unlocked more than ritual blood galore...
It's a platinum trophy tho
There kinda is, considering you can get a dynamic bloodborne theme for getting platinum
Notice that she’s bleeding from the abdomen? I would assume that means she committed a crime, was arrested (handcuffs), and then someone killed her baby. And the baby crying must be it’s spirit or something.
I believe the blood represents that she miscarried, which supports the theory that the Yharnam Stone is a lithopedion.
I was under the impression that Yharnam was the mother of Mergo?
it's generally recognized that the blood signifies childbirth. it's never officially stated so who knows though.
Yharnam was impregnated by Oedon, a Great One that ascended higher than the others and therefore has no physical form and only exists in sound, that's why you can hear Mergo's cries but can't see her.
the achievement is the only reason to defeat her.
Dont you mean Trophy? Ps4 exclusive last I checked...
Honestly it could work either way. Since a trophy is technically an achievement