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I wonder, does this alter the Ashes of Andariel main boss fight? It seems to change the way bosses react, as if being attacked is a requirement to set off their other phases, so would it be possible to skip one or more phases from that fight? Just food for thought. I'm sure as hell not going to try.
I used this sorcery alone to kill Curse-rotten. Didn't hit a single nutsack. The lower fight arena didn't even open until he was dead. This is a sweet sorcery.
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In my oppinion, it should have a different sound and casting animation and be a pyromancy. "Pestilent" Mist. Pestilence, rot, poison, fire, etc. are all pyromancer territory, not a sorcerer's
Yes and no. Pestilent Mist (especially when it was called Mercury) is more of an alchemical poisoning than a biological one. Think actual mercury poisoning or nerve gas, instead of anthrax or smallpox.
Fair points all around...
But Acid surge is a pyromancy, and acids are of the alchemical variety
Is more like a hex, rather than a sorcery. Anything goes for hexers.
Hey, I’m still struggling to beat Havel. I’m a strength build with full Dancer set, Claymore 10+, I use no miracles nor spells. Plus a Lothric Shield +9. I’m not sure what to do, any help?
Spend a lot of the fight circling him till he uses an attack pattern you remember. Then hit him once and if you get greedy you're a pancake.
Get slumbering dragon crest ring. Walk up behind him and throw dung pies. Toxic should eat about 80% of his health. Then beat him to a pulp like a ginger step child.
You can parry his one handed attacks, what worked for me. Not sure about two handed ones though.
Get him near the ladder you used to get up there. He sorta bugs out and somewhat ignores damage dealt to him, because thats about the end of the distance he can chase you, but he'll have his shield up and back away. Be careful though, 'cause when he gets far enough away he'll attack you again. I figured this out 'cause I was trying to get him to the bottom of the ladder where he fully bugs out, doesn't have his shield up, doesn't attack, and can't even climb back up the ladder and I couldn't get it to work again. They might have patched it out...
Three are several strategis.. 1. Use bonky, fight him on circle pattern, only attack after he exhausted his move 2. Use toxic & poison, sneaking with slumbering dragon 3. Hit & run to ladder 4. Summon Hawkwood, but you have to make him ascend the ladder..kinda hard..but good to try
parry him while hes one handed, at about 50% hp he will try to use iron flesh, make sure to backstab him before he finishes casting it so he keeps trying again
Hes so slow just backstab him infinately
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This and Magic Shield is all you need against Midir. 100% Physical + high Dark absorbing shield in your left hand, a catalyst in your right, enough (Ashen) Estus and rings to increase defense or stamina regen. You won't need sorcery booster rings but having the Sage Ring equipped is recommended. That shield is a lifesafer, especially when Midir does his tailswipe.
I think that friendly phantoms are also immune to it when cast by host
This is correct.
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