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I like him too much to kill him and vastly prefer to save him. Y'all are just murderhobos.
Completing the quest gives you one of the worst rewards I've seen. I mean you save this big dragon from eternal torment and he gives you something you would loot on a simple magister. Also he's too full of himself, aggressive and doesn't help you at all. Kill it! Do it!
But by doing his quest you get the XP and loot from Radeka and her stooges. (You can get tormented souls from the bloody corpses.) And then you can just kill him anyway. Between the Helm of Braccus and the first purging wand you should have more than enough charges to not need his help with shriekers
It's a shame that killing him yields significantly better rewards than helping him. Would prefer not having to choose between levelling and gearing my characters or staying true to their personalities in a role-playing game.
Literally just kill him by firing shooting him with wands from far distance. Dude died just like that. Easy achievement 10/10
drop deadfog under him, turn in the wand, ram 111111111111 get reward fast and press k then boom he dies.

pressed to fast submit, basically u get the turn in exp and the kill experience and both loot.