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See this stat is like a microcosm of DS2. It is a really cool idea to have a stat that governs stuff that doesn’t directly relate to taking/dealing damage but instead to critically important stuff like frame data and animations, so even those things don’t have to be at the whim of the developers and can be player controlled: it’s another place where you can make stat investment if you care about it, or save those points for something else. It goes with the whole part of DS where you’re sort of designing a beat em up/fighting game character, and instead of just health, stamina, and damage, you can decide some of their frames too. It’s just... not that fun or satisfying to level from a certain perspective, and basically required for PVP. This whole game has such a mix of cool ideas and execution with just weirdness and unsatisfying stuff.
This would've been a very cool idea, if it was blended with say VIT or END.
The way I see it, Adaptability essentially replaced Resistance, which was a near-useless dump stat in DS1. Having I-frames linked to stats is an interesting that I don't necessarily hate. Still, I wish low Adaptability characters would at least have a decent roll so this wouldn't be a "must have" stat.
all my characters had no agility (except my characters with spells because attumenent) and i beat the game several times whitout dying much, it ain't a must have
I find 15 was perfect for all kinds of builds. With a weight of 69.9 on some characters I could roll pretty much anything just fine. But with lower weights like at around 40% it was almost to easy to evade thanks to the smoother roll and distance gained. Even better if you opt for lowest weight possible like around 15-25
They could at least have told me that I needed to level a stat to get i-frames! I played the game blind so I had no idea why roll timing was so precise
this and soul memory are the biggest cons of dark souls 2
**** you who ever thought it was a good idea to add assadaptability
I have not aware of adaptability and remain at initial level even after I beat fume knight lmao. I was wondering why DS2 bosses are so hard to beat
If you want to roll with the same iframes as ds1, level this up to 30. If you don't want to level this extremely important stat, use a shield.

Btw of all stats in dark souls 1, 2 and 3, i think this one has the most sense to upgrade as you progress. Starting classes like warrior, mercenary, assasin, etc. Habe solid reasons to be experienced in combat, but outside of that it doesn't make sense that your starting character can dodge enemies perfectly from the get-go, without experience against monsters or giant enemies. Adaptability and it's effects when leveled up shows that your character's experience in battle also matters, not only the player with the controller's experience.
With that logic we might aswell have a stat for walking since our character probably has never walked this much distance. With this I mean that it is stupid and this is why it never returned in both DS3 and Bloodborne.