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Is it normal that he teleports as soon as I get to him, before I even get a chance to hit him?
It happens at times, generally for aldrich the best way to get attacks in is to roll into one of his (except the 2nd phase arrows) which leaves him wide open. If he gets too much breathing room there's a chance he'll teleport instead of continuing attacking. You probably also got unlucky, but it can happen.
My strategy for beating him is speed. You will be doing alot of running/dodging. Running towards the other side of the room where he teleports. Running from his tracking orb projectiles. Running from his arrow shower.

Forget blocking with a shield, just put it on your back. Get a shield with some kind of buff. A shield that heals, gives stamina, etc

Two hand your weapon. Charge at him. Attack the tail.
him or her?
aldrich is male and so is gwyndolin
its a trap!
A hot trap
Or you go with vow of silence (30 faith) then beat this boss in a short time right?
Can anyone check if it works ?
I found that attacking using only point blank Lighting Stake's to the torso then dodging made fairly short work of the boss, the spell is mostly useless outside for PvE, however due to Aldrich's comparatively sluggish and stationary body moments (outside of teleporting) the miracle can be put to good use
I've noticed that some bosses in this game are pure RNG based, for example if this dude starts spamming you with those arrow attacks no matter how skilled you're chances are you won't be getting out of there alive and that kinda sucks!!
yup, with correct positioning you can drastically reduce the chance of him ever using that move but if i get unlucky, i just bone out. not worth the trouble.
I used to find that part frustrating, but found you can simply out run them until they stop tracking you.
This boss isn't an issue for me anymore.
But the first time I played DS3 this was the first enemy to really give me issues.
I went through the entire game without dying. I was so confident. And this guy just destroyed me over and over again.
yeah right ,entire game without dying.
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Right, I'm sure Pontiff was a picnic.
you could say, he devoured you
I was playing through as a pure sorcery build. I was having a lot of problems with Aldrich, until I decided to grab my Mailbreaker and just smash it into him repeatedly until he died. Worked the first time, you need to keep this guy close.
Aldrich the devourer of femboys
This guy won’t stop teleporting and using the arrow thing
In my experience, when he teleports he appears at the opposite corner of the room farthest from you, so you can sort of interpret where he is gonna end up and close the distance before he shoots arrows
You can control the tele location if you run fast