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Ring works hella good with the Drakekeepers Sword. Has the poise break of a freaking ultra greatsword at 60 poise damage. 120 if power stancing. And it's twice as fast, getting twice the benefit from this ring and the ring of blades as they both add flat bonuses. Possibly the most cancerous of builds.


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first ring i do grab in ds2.
cuz its the very first ring you CAN grab lmao
Just gotta kill the ogre on the hidden path, he drops the ring. (He has an item in front of him, that is a Golden Pine Resin for anyone that doesnt know)
that was the ****ing joke
Extremely essential ring, even for ultra weapons. Particularly in the dlc areas.
Ogre fell off the tree-bridge when I was retreating, lost the ring. Used the bonfire ascetic and the ogre didn't drop it again...
You should have immediately logged out then logged back in again. You would see the ring as a glowing bit just at the edge of where he fell off. (like a bloodstain where a PC would fall off) This is also how you get the powerful hex chime (and huntsman's copse key) early in the game from the miracle seller atop Heide's tower, when you punch her into the water to drown.
This is perhaps the only ring (along with Ring of Blades) that I will NEVER take off until the game is over. It's that useful.
There is no tree bridge by the ogre that drops the stone ring. Did you mistake the two on the beach for the one to the left of the area before the fire keepers' dwelling?
Question regarding poise damage and this ring, since this article states that the ring gives an additional 30 poise damage to all attacks, if i equip the ring and use a hammer for example (most hammers have a base poise damage of 30), will I now deal Great Hammer poise damage with a hammer?
According to my windows calculator, 30 and 30 combined does in fact equate to 60.
Does anyone know if this also applies for spells?
Tested it and yeah it does also apply for spells, without the ring it took two standard soul arrows to stagger an Alonne Knight, with the ring it took a single arrow.
Does it apply on spells with multiple projectiles (soul spear barrage, homing soulmass, affinity, etc.)? Because if it procs with every projectile it's gonna stunlock a ton of bosses.

P. S. sorry if my english is bad it's not my first language
It does indeed apply to multi projectile spells, however I would use a different ring for bosses as they typically have crazy high poise. Better to use something that will give you a bit of extra damage like one of the clutch rings or ring of blades.
I wish this exist would exist in DS3
Poise doesn't exist tho