Maybe for new players it should be mentioned that unlocked Kodamas are carried over, too. I can't believe that so many players dodging the kodamas at all (take a look at the archievements) and are missing the nice +25% Amrita boost. Furthermore i really like the puzzlelike addition you have done only for one time :)
Lowest main mission level in Way of the Demon should be 150. Done it today with Itemsall at +6. After that i was able to upgrade all my items to +8 - +9. Tip: Take a look at the Kodama Basar from time to time. I have bought 5 +8 items at one shrine for such a low price, which helps a lot to get my equip updated via the forge.
Damn it! I mean 250, sorry :(
In Way of the strong i wasn't able to get over 160 item level. Only in Way of the demon it opens at least till 170.


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You can get 170 levelled items in Way of the strong. They are rare.
I can’t seem to figure out how to unlock dream of the wise
It's the same like the other NG+: Finish Main mission Eye of the Beholder.
That’s exactly what I did. It didn’t unlock so I went back and completed all main missions in all regions
I wonder if I have to complete main missions in the expansions