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She isn't Kyōgoku Maria.



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It's Lady Maria of the Spanish Clocktower!!

Okay seriously, this is such a difficult but incredibly fun boss fight. I didn't use Ninjutsu, Onmyo magic, nor Living Weapon throughout the entire fight, and it felt like I was pitted against an incredible master of speed and sword. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for the later DLCs.
Looks like I Found the Motive of Maria.

in the Yamaoka Sohachi's Novel "Tokugawa Ieyasu", a Caucassian Woman named as "Minamitsuki no Kata(南樹の方 : I Dont know this is the Right Reading because i can't found the Damn Yomigana of this Word)" has appear as Date Masamune's Spanish concubine. her real name is "Maria" too.

Yep. Maria is Motivated by "Fictional" Character.
Maria [Nioh] >>>>>> Lady Maria [Bloodborne]
You're a dumb *****
I laugh
Utter blasphemy, however, may the good blood guide your way.
Lady Maria of the Astral Pagoda
One of the most poorly made boss battles of this current gen
then you should stay away from DS3 and Bloodborne my friend...
Nah, DS3 and Bloodborne had way better boss fights than Maria here. Don't even compare them, scumlord.
Shes the best boss in the game by far. Doesnt have any unfair attacks. Youre just***** at the game
okay this chick is stupid. theres no possible way that this random emissary from spain is stronger than all the greats of japan like Nobunaga, Muneshige, all the dojo masters, etc. who by the way, William has bested all of them.
yet here she is with an unblockable 1 hit KO. moves faster than anyone in the game. never runs out of ki. kills you as soon as you walk into the room. super poor design of a boss.
in case you didn't notice...some old fart was the final boss. If that can happen I don't see a reason why she cannot become a powerfull boss.
Oh no! A hard boss?
2 words
git gud

she is nowhere near as cheap as Date Masamunes undodgeable 1hko stab
the **** you smoking son? Date's wind stab is extremely dodgeable. In fact if you dont get outta it's huge range you kinda need to rely on dodging it. First-tried Date, took 8 for Maria.
But hey, if you think Date is cheap and has ANY undodgeable attacks, id suggest your own advice
Like that fight much more than the one of her DS3 counterpart. Even if they have the same weakness basically at least I have to aim for myself in Nioh. And she has more going on than just playing dead in a chair...
Lady Maria is in Bloodborne, Not DS3. And DS3 has nothing to do with this game in any way. Not a counterpart.
The **** do u mean by counterpart?
same here. Also having to aim manually (and having a chance of missing a vital shot) adds a lot more tension too. Love it!