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yow it actually limped at around 10% HP og my gosh

Well then, let us continue the journey as the successor of Lord Gwyn
I don't care what is written here about oh I'm so sorry. I hate that filthy mutt.
He only defends his master's grave and at the same time wants to prevent the chosen undead from suffering the same fate as Artorias. So don't judge him and git gud!
he didn't say the boss was ******* hard he just said he hated it
Hey, does Sif have, like, a quantifiable size? Like, height.
So I'm only speculating but measured in modern standards, this stately rascal should have a shoulder height of 6 meters and a total length of 18 meters (without an outstretched tail).
I'm not sure, but I think he is over 4 feet tall.
Assuming your character is 5' 4" the wolf appears to tower you by about 3 to 4 lengths (5' 4" x 3 = 16' ~ x4 = 21' 4") estimated height 16'-21'. its body lengths look about 2.5 time longer with tail then its height thus a length of about 40' ~ 52'. Not a perfect answer merely theoretical.

so for sake of trying id just label its average size to be about 28' tall x 36' long.
I think it's safe to assume the player character is taller than 5'4", you midget.
Only someone who has become truly hollow would kill this noble lonely Guardian without compassion. Even if the chosen one has to do what has to be done in order to enter the abyss. But be warned, brave adventurer. If you look into the abyss long enough, eventually the abyss will look into you.
So, according to you, caring about fellow humans is for the wicked?
In all reality killing Sif doesn't negatively affect YOU as much as you think it does, and at the end of the day, IT'S A ****ING VIDEO GAME.
He started it.
Sif is a good boy
he hit me with the sword, after that he keep going backward until the end of the map and im able to finish him in 30 sec in total lol
gotta love dark souls
at the start of the boss fight there can be a second cutscene. at the second cutscene he will recognize a bit then try to smell you, looks like he did recognize you as after that he will take the big sword slowly with a sad eyes means he dont really want to fight. pretty sure you get this cutscene by saving him in the chasm of abyss
I dunno why but whenever i see Sif limp my vision gets blurry and i die ,can someone give me some tips please...