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It says if i abandon the covenant, i loose the ability to use the dragon eye, and offer dragon scales. But if i join again, am i able to use the eye and offer scales again?


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Yes. Keep in mind whenever you leave a covenant you effectively "lose" half of the items that you have offered to increase your rank. Example: You've offered 10 dragon scales to get to covenant rank +1 and you leave. If you were to rejoin, you would be rank 0 and it would be like you had only offered 5 scales. Offering another 5 would renew your status to rank +1. If you offered 80 to get to rank +3, leave and rejoin, you will be rank +2 and have to offer another 40 scales to get back up to rank +3. Also, although you can use the Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone even while you are not a part of the covenant, you will not have access to any of the rank-based enhanced effects as long as you are not a covenant member. When you rejoin, whatever rank you are then dictates how effective those skills are.
Can hosts summon dragon spirits in DSR after they killed a boss? Does the Dragon Eye summoning item work with the password matchmaking system in DSR?
it doesn't work like a friendly summon sign, it acts as a red spirit summon signs for honourable duels, except the winner gets a dragon scale. Thats the only difference.
Fun for when someone summons you and realizes they can't leave the duel until someone dies; unlike red sign soapstone.
I indict people who put these down.
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chad covenant
do the dragon scales i’ve offered in NG carry over to NG+??



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The buff from last rank will decrease if you leave the covenant?
If I leave the covenant does my rank get halved or only the amount of scales I offered to get to the next rank.
i know but i gave him 4 then left the cov than got back and gave it 28 scales and it didnt give me the torso stone help!
it is a pain in the a$$ to get 30 dragon scales
On NG at sl 84, I see a dragon eye placed in the Oolacile Township hotspot about once every fifteen to thirty minutes (give or take), even in 2020. I’d recommend just hanging out here (and placing your sign if you don’t see any for a while), or using one of the guides available on now to farm drakes effectively. To an extent, Dark Souls always returns to grinding. It’s part of the gameplay. Need more HP for a boss fight? Get souls from farming forest. Need humanity? Farm rats in the depths, etc. — annoying mechanic, but makes it very rewarding to eventually get items like the torso stone. Wishing you luck! Neither of us want to see you go hollow!
I farm 26 scales because I gave the dragon 4 before but even after I still didn’t get the torso stone and rank two wtf?
i enjoy collecting them but offering 30 scales is a reaaal pain in the a$$
Question about wording. Why is pray in quotation marks for the Everlasting Dragon, exactly? This guy is, to some extent, the equivalent of a god. At the very least he’s on par with a deity. To join the Warriors of Sunlight, you pray to a broken statue / altar. This guy is a giant, ancient dragon. I don’t see why pray has to be in quotation marks. You’re praying to the dude and offering him scales. The whole point of the covenant lore-wise is to ‘ascend into dragons’. Show my creepy-face dragon bro some love. He’ll let you hack off his tail, give you a stone to breathe fire, and then respect your decision to leave. I wouldn’t just “pray” to that, I’d pray to that.