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If there’s any NPC invader who invades me the most, it’s definitely Forlorn
Another missed location: room with cursed armor in Shulva. Another bonylus with ghosts. Also, first time they cut me down. When I returned to finish off the armors he spawned again, second time in a row, but I got killed. And then I returned again - and he spawned third tine in a row. I killed him and the knights. That was super intense.
This ******* somehow managed to SOFTBAN ME using his evil NPC magic
I swear to God he can invade while fighting a boss but he don't want to do it
He was my first invasion in DS2. Thought he was real person and tried to wave and not healing (honor and ****). Roll attacked me to death...


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Just beat him down with my bone fist in Dragon Shrine (he spawned on the walkway leading to the pagoda). Killed him twice in Dragon Aerie.