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I didn't understand why people called Gundyr hard to defeat until I tried.1st phase was a cake walk with sword master, then when phase 2 hit I understand why they call him hard. I ran out of estus and was at tiny hp when I defeated him. Damn, that boss fight was awesome.
this boss would be better with more parry consistency and none of those delay attacks and gael sized openings instead of next to none
You don't need parry when you can circle around him without lockon, faster dmg that way.
strategy 5 doesnt work or its just me (16-10-2020)?
Probably already patched, lol
remember to double roll through his charge
i dont really know how but somehow i repeatedly did something like a riposte, doing massive amounts of damage, despite using a subpar weapon and not parrying or anything
is just me or he doesnt bleed
I was able to bleed him pretty easily with my blood infused brigand twindaggers at 40 luck
Gold Pine Resin - Parry - Attack - Attack - Riposte for the most damage.

As a level 30 sorcerer using a Raw Rapier +3 I was doing about 800-900 damage every parry.
And I was using Flynn's Ring + Lloyd's Sword Ring
He took me ages to beat, but god I loved this fight. So epic, his move set is amazing, the music is amazing and when it all clicks and you take him down so satisfying... my heart was pounding after.

Really good fun. Its a tie between this and Lorian and Lothric for my favourite fight.
miyazaki likes feet so much he made gundyrs lethal