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Is the ashina outskirts one optional
They are all optional.
Ok thank you
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Fountainhead Palace: There is sunken house's rooftop above water just before them (where there is a lady that asks you to open the palace's door for her) so you can buff Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent before diving in. Then just B swim there and cheese as much as possible of the non ghost one before it runs out. Might even kill him still buffed if you're good enough in avoiding the attacks and projectiles from both.
Honestly these fights feel very dumb. Legitimately done they're needlessly hard and if you cheese them with sth like the umbrella they're literally pointless. It's a shame they thought they were good enough to be implemented five times in the game
They are optional so you can just not do it. What do you want five headless ape duos instead?
optional does not make it 'good', they simply suck as bosses, one of them should have been enough is what he's saying
Here’s a tip most people don’t know about: The Headless does not have to disappear in order to be able to grab you, if you simply have your back turned to him, he can execute a grab attack. Also, once the red kanji symbol appears, he can grab you from anywhere, even if you are facing him.
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These are probably my favourite mini-bosses in the game for a bunch of reasons:

A) They actually need preparation. You can't just waltz in without confetti and pacifying agent. So unless you're in for a hell of a lot of pain, use these.
B) The slowing effect means you actually have to think when dodging and deflecting. Only the case of the terrestrial ones, but still a cool mechanic.
C)Horrifying as all hell. We all saw some disturbing **** in From games, but these... these are special, especially given the lore behind them. Really serves as a reminder of how ****ed up demons and ghosts were in Japanese mythology, even if these are just inspired by them.
D) Yashariku is my favorite, since the "illusion" one that's close to it is actually his twin brother that supposedly was never born. Ties great to the whole "halves your hp" mechanic that the sugar and spiritfall has.

Now, I honestly don't understand what some people complain about. This is a From game, you cannot expect to R1 spam every single mob and then just brag you won the game. There are multiple tools that affect apparitions, the whistle and the upgraded shield comming to mind first. You have all the tools you need to beat these pretty early (confetti, agent), and you get even more tools to make them trivial later. You can even farm the confetti from the samurai in the castle. Plus, the rewards are actualy relevant, since you can sell the candy and make money while using the spiritfall.

TL;DR: Git gud, stop complaining.
Outside the context of the game, I think they can be fine bosses. I just dont think they fit well in Sekiro mechanically. They dont really give you anything to jump or mikiri counter, and deflecting is heavily discouraged because of the instant death terror buildup. These techniques are supposed to be the highlights of the game. You're forced to wear them down through carefully hitting and dodging, which is in turn made tedious by their slowing fog. Apart from their aesthetic (which is admittedly very cool), there's simply not much to enjoy here.

Divine confetti just adds more tediousness to this. The moment you run out, you're forced to interrupt your attempts and farm for more, which absolutely ruins the flow of the game. Instead of being rewarded for having the right intel and preparation, you're just severely punished for not spamming the right, limited consumable.

In a game with so many great (mini)bosses, headless is kind of a letdown.

Died to ako's headless two times then after I finished the game I killed all headless on first try. There is no git good in it. You just has to be buffed up before facing any of these(apart from underwater headless they are easy af). But I was extremely disappointed with the spiritfalls they drop, they take upto 3 freaking emblems to use. If they were more like infinite usage with charges like that cerimonial tanto or gourds it would've been way better.
This was noted by someone on the youtube video but use Gachiin's sugar/spiritfall and you can get through most of the fountainhead fight without having to deal with the apparition. I only had to dodge one or two attacks from the apparition from a distance and was able to take out the main headless with one confetti
Wow, have you guys seen their attack where they start flying, and then try to land on top of you? I was shocked, lol.