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Killed each of the petrified guys except Qanna. Did not bless them just killed the outright and got the XP.
Took awhile to find Tarquin. He was near X:627 Y:199 near Stonegarden
This quest is bugged for me, i cant give the second part to Tarquin, the quest wont end and the blade keeps in my inventory
You probably stored the hilt in your chest on the lady vengeance by accident. Thats what happened to me. Go grab it out of the chest and choose the same dialogue options with tarquin. That should complete the quest.
I just want to know what to do with all the candles.
You can also drop one or more things that equate to at least 5 lbs. on the floor switch before activating the 2-1-3 wall switches. A set of armor or disarm trap mechanisms works just fine. Then you can pick it up right after.
i focused quanna but after i killed her, game crashed. Any idea?
Did the 2-1-3 combo on levers and have a strong of 0. Can't get lid off or trapdoor to appear. Thoughts?
Meant I have a strong of 20
wait for the room to reset and run middle, left, right
As for today 2-1-3 does not work in DE steam version. Had to play randomly with the levers for 10 minutes until I casually hit the right combo. Don't know what it is though.
2-1-3 (middle-left-right) works just fine on DE version as of 11/22/2020. Sorry but you're doing something wrong.