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Christ, her pick is literal AIDS. Why does it have so much stunlock?
the picks are actually hammer class with thrust damage
At first, I wondered why people hate her and I felt bad because she became a grub that was until this ***** invaded me on NG+ in Farron Keep I think both of us got cursed.
on NG+ just use Seed for some hilarious death.
That second encounter is ****ing garbage
I remember Heysel hitting my corpse for like 5 seconds and thinking "wow this guy must really have some ****ing issues" before realizing it was an npc
its actually a waifu
her sign is avaible if i gave rosaria tongues in an earlier jurney?
Just tested this: the answer is No. I gave Rosaria 10 Pale Tongues to get the Obscuring Ring in an earlier journey and then started NG; defeated her in both encounters and her summon sign wasn't there. So I guess it ignores previous tongues.
most tragic character in souls
I want to lick her feet.