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Anyone else think this section of the game was a bit... *****y? Especially after seeing the Fair Lady then battling a boss called... Ceaseless Discharge? idk or am I just crazy
You just got a filthy mind, mate!
imagine the discharge meaning when you discharge copious amounts of snot and mucus. now imagine that it's coming out from holes all over your body and also the snot is lava and also it happens continually for literally forever. now look at the spider part of the body for a solid minute. now it's not sexual anymore.
You also have to consider the factor of Ceaseless Discharge canonically being her brother... more specifically, her little brother...
Lol, nah, some of us don't get off on half-spider monstrosity video game characters from 2011.
the spider legs, so smooth, so silky!
The Fair Lady and Andre of Astora are the only known characters to have lip movement during dialogue. (Note: You must have the Old Witch’s Ring equipped to engage in dialogue with The Fair Lady) - J
The Primordial Serpent have moving mouths during dialogue as well.
First and only Dark Souls waifu. Must protect and care
Your intentions are noble.
Not a waifu because there is no such thing as a "waifu". Still protect and care.


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I joined the covenant just to save her from her pain. 80 humanities, some might call me a simp, but it's the least I can do since I made her lose her sister. She thinks I'm Quelaag, and it just breaks my heart. They didn't deserve this fate
You no simp a simp would worship her your just easing her pain
Wow never knew Kirk lurked this wiki
I always kill her. An existence of pure suffering where only thing she looks forward to is to see her sister whom you have slain. Believing in a lie where you are her because of magic. It is pitiful and makes me really sad. Killing her is simple yet not easy. If only she could be saved yet this is no such game.
You get to save sun boi if you give her 30 humanity i think
I have never not saved solaire
Sure, you might think it a mercy killing, but giving her some respite is better then a quick end, unlike the Humans, there's no rebirth for demons, only a parallel existance elsewhere in the Dark Souls universe.

I personally like her, she adds depht to the game, not only serving as a covenant leader, but also giving the players who sympathize with her something to strive for.

Our Savior, The Pale Witch, The Fair Lady.
I kill her because I like hearing her simp cry about it. Lol!!
Yeah. I don't know if it's the voice actor hamming it up, or the stupid little crawl he does to try and stop you, but seeing that waste of space suffer is always on my to do list
Oh my dear fair lady. Your torments are mine. Please don't cry for me. You have suffered enough for us. You have choked down the pus of shameful Blighttown to save us. Let me ease your suffering. Take this humanity so that my devotion to you may grow, let the purifying fire burn brightly. May I burn our enemies and all impurities to cold ashes.
I killed her thinking she dropped the Izaiah Catalyst... oops
You guys are dweebs