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I found this guy way harder than butterfly even with sneaking on him.

Amen, 20 wipes and counting. I am about to cheese him and not regret it
Really hard fight, and I think I would like it quite a bit, if he didn't do so much damage. Strategywise, I found that trying to cheese him with tools was pretty fruitless since he recovers posture pretty fast, so I ended up just attacking him very aggressively, forgoing most of the opportunities for mikiri and instead dealing vitality damage. Most of his perilous attacks can be interrupted and the only thing that caused trouble was the non perilous sweep, which you can just jump over.


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I do 1deathblow on him and then 1 can of oil then fire and attack him then i run in to the house where kuro was he is just out side the doorway then i throw oil on him and the fire and attack do this untill he is dead works great for me if he comes in to he house go out the back side go around till you get to the door if he is stil in the house just throw oil on him then fire and attck til he is dead.
This guy legit took me longer to beat than any of the actual bosses, but that's mainly because of the time of the game during which he appears. Even when you get a stealth blow off, he has a fat vitality bar, fat posture bar and nasty combo's with long reach that absolutely **** you up when they connect. Blocking doesn't really help because he plows through your posture like a madman. If you dont deflect and respond to his perilous attacks properly, there's no chance in hell that you're beating him without cheese.

Though I must say: Nothing felt quite as good as revisiting this guy when I had more practice and realizing that he had become easy.

This guy is very overrated on difficulty. Mikiri = win.
fricking mikiri counter misses half the time other than that it is a fun fight but its just so tedious to time the mikiris and it missing just frustrates me
I miss the first time he terrified me and gave me headache. Now he's one of the easiest miniboss I have no hit in ng+1 and ng+2. Same story with ashina spears 2.