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if a method doesn't ****ing work then remove it from the ****ing list, thanks for ****ing my game over for a 1 time spawn that, by being on this ****ing page, should've been farmable
Calm down kiddo.
Whats the method that doesn't work? is it the one where you kill Gwyndolin and farm the NPCs who now don't respawn and so can't be farmed?
You can grind about 14000 ish every minute or two by going to dukes and grinding the golems outside
Apologies my fellow undead, that method is simply too slow and far overshadowed by others.
I agree with the fellow undead; this is a bit slow in comparison to others. An upsiide to this is that you can farm blue titanite chunks, I believe. So you take the good with the bad...might work in the right context.