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Can anyone tell me please how many souls can i get from 3 silver knights in anor londo at ng+7 ?
I would definitely tell you if I knew. If I get there before you get your answer, I'll be back to tell you!

Make sure you have the Shield of Want on your back, the Symbol of Avarice on your head, and your Covetous Silver Serpent Ring on your finger to get max souls from the knights.

I get roughly 90k per run at NG+2, but once I get every item in the game (all I have left are covenant-related items), I'll speedrun to NG+7 and beyond to grind for lvl 300 (tens of millions of souls there, if not 100m+...). case you need a quick look at specific data or where to locate them.
Use a dark caster on the winged knights at grand archives. They give around 12mil/hour if done correctly in NG+3. NG+6 needs 99 faith+int already. I hope its possibke in NG+7....
NG+7 is very doable at sl80, its reasonable to stop at that or 120 for pvp.
you mean 125 right
For me, that's SL100
Meanwhile i stopped caring about PvP and am having all the fun with every toy at SL330 lol
Will the item drop chance increase at a higher ng?
To my knowledge, it does not, so it's best to farm whatever you want to get at lower NG cycles because the enemies will be easier
Why in the world is NG+ 8 so much harder than 7 i mean i know it gets harder but it gets way too hard i have smoughs armor and i have died from rats!
There’s literally no increase in difficulty
There has to be NG+ 7 wasnt a challenge until NG+ 8 I know it says it stops at 7 but it just seems weird
NG+7 is the max damage scaling for mobs and bosses but furthermore the health is still going beeffier at each ng+
Is it the sl or is it which ng you are on that affects what other players you get
and the max upgraded weapon that you have
After Idefeaded all bosses playing on offline no sign for to enter ng+ looking forward to get some advice
You checked firelink’s bonfire?



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What happens to the things i kept in the storage box? Will they remain there or be removed once I head into NG+?
Anything not a key item (ashes, scrolls, keys, etc.) will remain unique your storage box for you to use
Those things in parentheses being key items. Meaning ashes, scrolls, keys, etc will be removed from all inventories
Im not getting any drop or souls from some enemies in ng+. Example the dark night near farron keep or the darkwraith under the lothric tower bonfire. Is this a glitch, or just part of ng+? Im also getting basically no souls from the pick ups. The large soul of an intrepid hero gives me only 2500 souls. I remember lesser drops in ng giving me up to 20k
Can someone edit this page where it says to farm covenant items on NG + 2 for better item discovery. Item discovery does not change with increased NG+'s only your character item discovery with the help of items/luck will improve drop rates. Also don't forget to kill Yorshka for her chime after you are done with offerings or if you plan to grind them in NG+ (whether its from pvp or farming)
It may be referring to the fact that you can get the +2 serpent rings in NG+2