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it takes 17 large arrow hits to get his tail sword with the short bow with 16 str 12 dex. then go up and shoot his face with an arrow at the top of the stairs to argo him then run out and hit him once in the face with his tail sword when he lands and run back down the stairs. it took 16 hits with the drake sword to finish him off.
The Drake will return after a certain amount of time if you revisit the bridge later on. Try running up and down it and eventually it will fly back
If he flies away you can retrigger his appearance by leaving the area, and then coming back from the Taurus demon room.
Does anyone else get oneshotted by him on ng+, i have 50 vitality and ring of favour, seems kinda dumb?
Its meant to be a one shot.
Some of his fire attacks (like the first one he does after you come from the Taurus demon arena) are always a one shot.
Does anyone else using melee have this ****** just spam the fire lunging attacks and move everyime you could hit him?
He's very evasive. Honestly, I would only advise attacking him just to nab the drake sword.
I love this guy tbh, I have only fought it on regular new game but it was a fun fight. I just stayed under it closer to the back. If it starts moving at all dodge towards the back of it, you should be able to survive any of its attacks as long as you have decent fire resistance. If it flies to the other side of the bridge, just run underneath the bridge andnwait until it lands back on its starting position. I killed it at level 48 with Uchigatana +8 with a dex of 28, and it was honestly easy. Just run past it upon initial encounter and fight it after defeating the twin gargoyles and you should already be powerful enough. I don't know how hard it is on NG+ so I'll just trust people who say fire one shots. Also my dad said that it's possible to kill it if you have a lot of poison arrows and just hurt it faster than it heals, so that's also an option.
If anybody is curious, fighting the Hellkite Drake is not worth it. You can get the drake sword if you want, but killing him is nigh impossible on your first run through the burg. You could come back later and kill him, but at that point 10,000 souls is probably not worth the effort.


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It's extremely easy to kill this dragon at bare minimum stats to hold any bow. Just shoot him and run up and hit him 1-2 times when he comes down to the bridge and run back down. Takes like 2-3 mins.
You can teleport to the sunlight altar without killing the drake. Who the hell wrote that you have to kill it to do that? They're totally unrelated...
So this wyvern is weak VS lightning right? I'm kinda struggling to kill it in NG+
It is EXTREMELY resistant to lightning.
this dragon is powerless with lightning and you can kill it in 2 different ways
sword or magic
for sword I wanted some materials for lightning and for magic you can gild in the least if you have the guts to put the lightning
this dragon one-shots you with it's flame attack. Had a 99 vitality character get obliterated in a single hit.
Try Armor