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I got 1 million souls and no concords from farming this, F
And I have 425 item discovery
Surprisingly I got this in 1-3 hours with only 431 ID
if you want to farm add me on steam: 1083688752 (flaviamartin)
It took me 7.4 hours to farm 29 of these and lemme tell you. I do NOT feel like a master of miracles.
**** this item.
All to does is ruining the platinum run for who wants the platinum and is already at very high level meaning it cannot be summoned, and when summoned be send back to its own world, or now finding anything cause you just got to a fight club... Let alone having the luck of killing the invader of the correct covenant.
I'd rather take the chances with the silver knights than have to make a new character cause I'm in the level 300-350 range and that took so long
I literally just spent 3 hours with these silver knights without a single concord. Maybe next year...
Been trying for two days now, no drops from knights in Anor Londo. Were they patched?
Also, any help?
they do drop it. i just finished farming this item. it took a while but surprisingly not that long, i only used rusted ring and gold serpent ring +3. took me around 4hrs to get total 30. dont forget to play as darkmoon/blue sentinel covenant while farming this, you'll occasionally be summoned.
need help farming this and vertebras, if you want add me on psn: Rapa7800
I feel the best way to farm this is to have both the darkmoon covenant equipped so you occasionally get summoned, but also farm on the anor londo stairs. Whenever you get summoned, just switch away from your most detrimental farming gear. You dont even have to switch everything because killing the invader is usually pretty easy since you're most often summoned into a gank squad. I'm about 4 hours into using this method and have been able to net 15 concords. Good luck to any who try this!