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I'd imagine this and the scythe works well with a dark pyro flame build, what with the hollow scaling and dark damage.
look at the crossgaurd closley, and you'll see a bunch of hollows melted on the sword
It's not always the last of the set that get's unlocked, like statet here. I had a playthrough were i unlocked the scythe first, but also a run i unlocked the sword first. Maybe it depends on which of the two you get invaded more often? Not sure though.
poison infusion kinda op?
Confused. It says bleed is the best upgrade path because of it's higher dark scaling. Wouldn't a dark infusion, and dark buff make this thing do insane dark damage and be the better upgrade path? I'm a Hexer and fairly new to the game, using the dark Roaring Halberd and dark crypt blacksword buffed with dark weapon right now, but this is attractive because it only weighs 9. What am I missing?
It should get better scalling, but it doesnt, C with dark and B with bleed.
got it. thanks
Darkness! Imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute horror, I cannot live! I cannot die! Trapped in myself! Body my holding cell!