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why do you exist bro haha the og brachydios already has a rage mode haha
The question is, are his or safi weapons better?
safi is better but brachy is cooler
“EXPLOSIONS!?”-you know exactly who said this
Exactly. Only its with a g.
First of all: In my opinion he's easier solo (and that's noobs opinion).
Second: Last area is the easiest. The slime no longer deals blastcourge but instead deals damage like lava in volcanic region does. Even his supernova isn't anything that will one shot you when you have at least 150 HP.
Attack his legs, it's extremely easy to exhaust or ko him this way. It is also hard to mount him so plan your mounts carefully
In lava region set some traps on the lava geyser
And one tip for glaive users: it's very easy to exhaust or ko him with descending thurst hitting his legs and fists
who do you think would win this guy or frost fang barioth?
give a thumbs up for raging brachydios and give a thumbs down for frost fang barioth
be honest and if you give a thumbs down then just cause you dont like it im gonna think it a vote
Hmmmm, just did this big bastard, and while his armor shows in my smithy his weapons do not...Aggravating, to say at least
It should do, it did for me after my first kill at least, they're called Lightbreak. The other possibility is you need to have at least one Immortal Reactor (its rarest loot), as all the weapons require one. Not sure why otherwise.
His element is blast, but the damage of blast is fire, heavy fire resistant gear is great, same for fire res mantle. Better to use elem meal L then take max potion, Blast resist won't help at all for explosions he detonate himself, like his special punches. Traps won't be place able last phase, best to spam him early on. Temporal mantle is great, theres many chances to wall bang him in this fight
is this event or i could fight him later just got ice borne
It's not an event, you can fight it any time at a certain level but be warned it will pummel you, me personally I call it the lunch money beater.
Hate the fight solo but not too bad in co op. Still think its design philosophy sucks.



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I was just playing MHGU and I was wondering, who do you think would win? Extreme Blood Bath Diablos, Or Raging Brachydios in World, You can just comment instead of the like dislike B.S