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Holy***** the full screen ads on mobile are out of control. Where can we complain about this with visibility?
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Slayer of aldrich ending?
The what? Aldrich is just a stepping stool towards the game's progression.
You have to kill the assassin in the church before you talk to Anri or talk to her/him and then kill the assassin (the pilgrim disguised as one of the statues insider the church in the bonfire room) before you sit down at the bonfire again or before you leave the area. Leaving the area after talking to Anri without killing the assassin in the room will result into Anri failing her/his quest. You can be summoned in Anor Londo by Anri later (summon sign somewhere) to help her/him kill Aldrich (good ending for Anri).
But that's not an ending, that's just an NPC quest? That's like saying "what about the Hawkwood duel ending" or the "Irina Firekeeper ending" or the "Sirris ending".
It's listed as an ending on Anri's page but they meant the end of Anri's personal quest, not an ending game state.
What about the Iudex Gundyr ending?
Pls help i have a question.. In Ending 4 part 7. was mentioned that i can't kill anything in area of church but what is meant by area? First thing was ambush of something like garden next to/behind that church.. am i screwed now?
It mines inside the church with the bonfire and Anri. Just don’t kill anything in there and you should be fine
I just married Anri by putting a sword through her???
Thats how we do it in Londor, why?
I mean, put my sword though my wife, that how we got married
Its called a wedding but i think anri is just dead. The veil on the visage makes it look like a dead person. So you basically wed with the dark sigils and not anri
yeah i got spooked and confused too
no this is definitely how we marry people, idk what the hell culture you're part of but it's backwards if you aint got ceremonial swords to the face involved pal
so I did the usurpation of fire ending and killed the soul of cinder, and summoned Yuria and she had died during the fight and when I went back to firelink shrine she was still alive, did I do something wrong?


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Yuria has to survive the fight if you want her ashes and sword. They only way you can get her gear now is if you kill her or cheat her ashes into the game, which I would not recommend.
no cause the npc when dies in your world they dont really die
So I summoned Yuria for the last boss fight, she survived, but neither armor nor blade was at the summoning place..
It should be where she stood in firelink
So I’m confused , I’ve done every ending except the one where you kill the firekeeper, do you kill her during a cut scene or before, I don’t understand and if you do kill her how?!!!
You get a cutscene that gives you a very VERY brief opportunity to attack her afterwards
I acidently just gave the firekeeper eyes of a firekeeper, but I want to get the usurpation ending!! what do i do??
kill the firekeeper
U are fine . Just dont summon the firekeeper ,after u beat the soul of cinder .
Can I give the Fire Keeper her soul to cure my dark sigils after going through with the 4th ending? I'm going through the Usurpation of Fire ending, but before I enter NG+, I want to know if I can heal my dark sigils after getting that ending.
No you can not, this will ruin the Usurpation Of fire ending
You can, the previous reply was incorrect. You can cure the Dark Sigil at any point in the game, even after becoming Lord of Londor.
The dark sigils are key items. So they're automatically removed when you go into ng+.
how we should get the 4 endings if we have to give firekeeper soul and heal the dark sigils? this will disrupt the progress of usurpation of fire ending
I think they're saying you get the option of any of the endings, not that you can do them all simultaneously in one playthrough.
you need to give the firekeeper the eyes of the firekeeper, not soul, if you mean you want both end of fire and usurpation endings (though you have to choose one in the end).