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How do you get this item?
It's found somewhere in Insidious Sewer.
In places without its own dedicated map, the display becomes glitched.
Though if there are enemies in the location, their item drops can be used as reference points.

I've scoured the entire map, and there are a few item highlights that are either glitched, or just impossible to reach.
- 1 item highlight at "Maye" main hub, located on top of the right door of the Asylum. There's no item there.
- 1 item highlight at "Peak of Weep" located at a small nook under the Ancient Battlefield save point. There's no item there.
- 1 item highlight at "Stranded Ship" located underneath the bottom floor where the giant anglerfish enemy is. Unreachable.
- 1 item highlight at "Miner's Path" above the Lower Mine Entrance text. Not sure how to get there.
- 3 item highlights at "Inside Of The Giantwood" located on the right hand-side of the map. Not sure how to get there.
You can find this in the sewer area. It’s on the west side of the map in a place you need to dash jump to.