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An underrated weapon that is shockingly powerful
Since when has this been underrated
Page says Sharp has a D in Dex, I believe that's higher in game, can someone confirm?
Pretty sure it is a D. I dont usually use sharp so I wouldnt know but the best scaling you can get out of this is C for Faith and Int


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Sharp has C scaling in DEX
It has a C scaling in dex when sharp infused E/E weapon, but the Refined Infusion actually makes it worse. So unnatural.
I always see tryhards in Lapps armor using this, is this thing meta now?
yes. ot was always meta. *** with lapp armor + long swod or claymore are mostly cringe streamer who some people who fanboy over a scrub who plays very apssive and thisngs that GS are meta. cringeg grbage player
sounds like a salty lkss user who got ****ed by a claymore, git gud ******.
The phantom range on the WA is hella annoying, but it does work.
best dagger for pvp
no doubt about that
MHS would like to know your location
its a straight sword but fast as f*ck, this sh*t have like almost the same size as shortsword but actually higher damage and higher speed, its a lowkey monster in both PvE and PvP when +10, infused and buffed with crystal magic weapon
lets all face the facts: this thing is a straight sword with the moveset and stamina cost of a dagger
upgrade this up to +10, then infuse with sharp gem and level up to 40 dexterity, and then get lightning blade spell and buff it, and you will have a nearly op weapon with over 500 AR but super fast and costs very low amount of stamina, it could potentially beat everything and everyone if you have enough skills, you just need to git gud lol
the r1 spam monster, i love this weapon lmao xd
Love seeing the spam as much as I love parrying it.