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For anyone having trouble getting this in Iceborne (I am the comment a couple down), You just need to get far enough in the main quest, specifically after killing Shara Ishvalda. The third fleet master then returns to the Research Base where she offered me the quest finally. Hope this helps someone, it was driving me nuts.
Yeah man I had the same issue I had today
Does anyone know what to do because I finish the quest what I am suppose to do but some how I can’t do the rrrrrumble quest when I talked to the Third Fleet Master. If anyone knows what to do please tell me I will be appreciated. Thank You!!
You have to have adequate research. I think you need level 2 or 3 research on diablos (non black) this also applies to other quests in the chain. if you dont have the quest, go sniff some monster feet until you see it.


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If you can't unlock this quest, or for that matter, any quest that is part of a chain that requires killing a certain monster, you probably do not have enough RESEARCH! Make sure you are always doing your part by sniffing those monster poos or you will be missing out on a lot of optional quests.
I had Research Level 3 on regular Diablos and both HR Diablos Arena quests completed without unlocking this quest or "Well, That Diablos!"

Unlocked both quests once I had Research Level 2 on Black Diablos.
I have Research Level 4 on regular Diablos and 3 on Black Diablos. Both main story and dls story completed so the third fleet Master is back were supposed to be. It's the only level 7 quest i miss and everything else (arenas included) are completed, what am i doing wrong?
nevermind seems like doing the behemoth side quest fixed it lol
guys in order to unlock u need to capture black diablos once
I am not sure if the black diablos need to be LR/HR/MR diablos but i captured a HR Diablos and it unlock the quest, after doing the tingling taste chain quest
I can't get this quest because the Third Fleet Master is stuck at the council table in the Iceborne storyline. I'm at the part where i just killed a Blackveil Vaal Hazak.



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You need to progress with the Iceborne story so that she returns to the Research base(that's why it's recommended to get all tools before starting Iceborne).