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I see a lot of people here are under the impression that having this ring makes you good at parrying, and not having this or not liking it makes you bad or a predictable player, most of the time that's wrong. When I parry and riposte it does half health more or less, nothing to scoff at, it's nice to have another combat option to spice things up and not rely on it. But when they proceed to parry me due to a slip up (like most people tend to do occasionally), it's quite belittling when they pull out a chaos dagger and one shot you, then pointing down as if they are better than you because they follow the meta. You can't help but be a bit ticked after that.
at first i thought parry is boring, but when i got into pvp i changed my mind. parry is what lets you destroy r1 spammers, even in 1v2 or 1v3. parry is for gud players ;)
"You have to defeat Abyss Watchers for the ring to appear at Untended Graves"

Yeah. Try reaching it without defeating them
You just have to kill the old lady then dancer appears, to get the ladder to come down so you could get there before vordt tbh
Nearly every single negative thing talked about this ring comes from straight sword users (especially the lothric knight straight sword users) calling upon the hipocrisy of how this thing is op, meanwhile they got a weapon with ridiculous AR, low stamina consumption and phantom range of a melee marth grab. The only response they give? "Lmao git gud." I absolutely love parrying people and using a chaos infused dagger to make them shut the **** up or disconnect as they whine about the ring.
Objectively the worst addition to the Dark Souls series, particularly in this game.
Git gud
Why do i have the impression that this comment comes from the worst type of player in the whole series: the gonker?
You re objectively wrong and you need to shut up.
Casul gonker's bane. 1 parry timed right and goodbye.

As for 1v1ers, watch what your opponent is wearing in the left hand and think twice before using r1 (mind your own weapons too). Is that simple.
Salty Nerds
More like Horny ring because most casul parry kongs keep trynna get those parries lmao
R1 spammers all over the shop...