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any tips for farming him?
Breaks parts lol, all you really need to do. have a decent party then its pretty much gg. no matter what though.. you will need to do 2 runs to actually kill safi. 1st run break the parts, second run, go in for the kill. if you go in for the kill in your 1st run then you will not succeed and you wasted your time doing so.. breaking off parts will allow safi to absorb the energy in the area its in which allows it to go to the bottom more faster. in the 1st area, theres a boulder which you can use which deals 4k damage. bowguns can help destroying the head and the wings while melee can sever the tail and break the legs. when safi falls then everyone should focus on the head as you need to break it twice. the head isnt easy to break may i add :P sleep and paralyze helps in this fight in the first run.. poison will help you in the second run along with sleep and paralyze... so you are looking at 24-30 mins per run either way but like i said, depends on your party
If you manage to break all or majority of the parts in the first run then switch to a full dps build and do a lot of damage which forces safi to absorb more energy in the area till its 'empty'. this will make your second run(for the kill) more easier and faster
And my last and final post, you could possible do a one run kill if you have 4 hbg spread build though but by then safi wouldn't be really needed.. but whatever floats your boat in the game lol
thx for the help