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From all of my testing this gun it does not hit weekpoints with it's actual shots.
Does it hit monthpoints?
Does it hit monthpoints?
It's quite a Bummer that it doesn't hit Weakpoints but shots do AOE maybe about a meter of splash dmg
Date of Patch: 12 September 2019 Hive Cannon: Added 20 impact damage to projectile (which benefits from weakspot modifiers), increased primary shot projectile size from 2 to 5 (better matches the VFX), fixed description showing actual AOE range of primary fire.
Does this do elemental damage?
Corrosive damage with explosion, yes
If you're using this gun or when playing in public lobbies - ***** you. Tired of getting stunned by someone's*****ty aim
You're welcome
Projectile has two sources of damage, one is impact damage capable of hitting a weakspot, the other is a radial explosion dealing elemental corrosive damage. The bullet size is fairly generous, and you can sometimes get the direct-impact damage shooting very close to the enemies feet. Capable of self-damage and staggering yourself from close range explosions, but the self-damage is extremely minimal. The stagger, however, can be dangerous if you're getting swarmed. The special mod does extremely little explosion damage (and no impact damage), but the corrosive area of effect lingers for a long time, is large, and the damage over time portion is fairly solid for consistent damage-- the mod also gets three charges to boot to cover a larger area.
Hive Cannon+Bandit Set= Fully Automatic Chemical Warfare Due to it getting the initial and AoE hits counted, its 2 chances to get your shot back. Even more effective if you fire into crowds!... Wait, that statement pairs very poorly with the joke above... Anyways, pretty good gun! Just be careful not to shoot your allies, or yourself for that matter.
Same person. Should also say, Gunslinger's Charm is what makes it "Fully Automatic", as it fires at a good rate with it equiped.


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Damage seems to be nerfed, just crafted it and it starts off at 57 damage.
Vulcan Detonator give this weapon a tier of it's own. The normal attack apply both corosion and burning each hit, the armlet also increase this weapon damage by 25% as well.
Sadly this gun has lost the ability to apply corrosion to enemies with it’s basic shot. Mod still applies it though.