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Broadsword is better, bastard sword is cooler, Ags got more big D energy, zwei stabs my shoulder
This is a broken greatsword...
why doesn't it just become the "darker sword" when infused with dark?
The damage doesn't look so bad and the scaling is pretty decent. Why you say this was nerfed?
Because it was nerfed, lol. It was stronger before, but it doesnt mean it is weak, only more weak than before. wtf u talking m8
this + crystal magic weapon, boom, diamond sword, you're welcome
This sword has A scaling with int and faith when infused with a dark gem. Not B.
This thing has a C in strength and dexwhen sharp infused, yet, every other ULTRA GREATsword, only an E ins strength, and like an A or B in dex, what kind of a$$ backwards convoluted horse hock is this?
So you are telling me that its reinforced dark sword not dark dark sword? interesting...